Cisco Phone System – Review

Cisco phone system

Cisco phone system for office

An effective phone system is necessary not just for large-scale business enterprises but also for small scale businesses. Effective phone systems improve the quality of communication within the office as well as with the customers. Effective communication is the key for better productivity. When it comes to choosing a phone system, the entrepreneurs have many options. They are forced to compromise between the price and the quality of the phone systems. It is rare to find an affordable phone system that offers high quality functions and features at the same time.

Cisco Phone System

Cisco Telephone System has been the preferred choice for most of the large scale businesses in the past. Unsurprisingly, it was not affordable for the small scale businesses owing to its huge price tag. Thankfully, the manufacturer has recently released a series of affordable phone systems focusing mainly on medium as well as small businesses. The cheaper phone systems from Cisco will feature the same cutting edge technologies used in the expensive phone systems designed for large enterprises. The company has spent a fair amount of time and money improving the telephony as well as networking options in its phone systems designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

About the features of Cisco telephone systems

Cisco telephone systems stand out from the rest owing to the following the reasons.

  • Provides full line of cordless phones
  • Offers soft phones for PDAs and laptops
  • Cisco lets you access voice mail on the go.
  • Cisco combines advanced calling features of the system with voice mail, calls and other features.
  • Cisco telephone system enjoys increased accessibility on the go via tablet PC, laptop or PDA under the network coverage area.

effective phone system

Cisco telephone system is certainly worth the money. If you are planning to buy a Cisco telephone system for your office, get in touch with the customer service department of Cisco telephone systems. The customer service department will certainly give you all the necessary information about upgrading or repairing or buying a Cisco telephone system for your firm. They would also give you the price details for the same.

If you are looking for an effective phone system for your office, then choose the Cisco phone system. Although the price may be slightly more than the other phone systems, the quality is superior.

Why Use VoIP Hosted Phone Systems

VOIP Phone System

VoIP Calls Has Lesser Call Drops

The technology that is used to transmit voice communications into multimedia sessions is called VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology provides with many benefits in comparison to fixed line legacy of telephone networks that have failed to provide apt communication for the corporate world. VOIP phone system is the telephone network that is commonly implemented on business phones.

Cost Effective

The customers can save a lot of money in several ways by choosing a VOIP hosted phone system. There is no need of hardware purchasing as the customer has a phone already. The service provider however holds the hardware purchase free of charge. VOIP technology allows one to make long distance calls with the help of a nearest internet terminal than doing the usual way of making a call. This can reduce the cost of long distance faxes. Through the VoIP fax interface, we can send high quality fax documents.

Attractive Features

The video calling feature comes standard with a VoIP hosted phone system for phone numbers used for business purposes. The fax quality can be improved with the fax interface. Features such as email transfer, call tracking, and call directories make the VoIP hosted telephone networks different from the legacy networks. The features are upgraded continually unlike the usual telephone networks to ensure customer satisfaction.

Remote Access To Systems

Since VoIP uses internet to place calls unlike the fixed line legacy networks, a call can be made from anywhere with Internet access. This lets the customers who are on a business trip or working from home to make calls at a minimal rate. Nevertheless, when it comes to the fixed line legacy networks, the calls are to be placed from the place where the telephone lines are installed. This is considered as a major inconvenience when the world is becoming increasingly mobile.


Placing Calls Over VoIP Is Cost Effective

Less Dropped Calls

People who use a VOIP phone system have reported a reduced rate of call drops comparatively to fixed line phone networks. There are more reports about increase in the quality of the phone lines. The customer should have a reliable internet connection, and the network should receive enough bandwidth to eliminate disruptions and to make the sound on the line static-free.

Corporate companies that rely fully on telephone communication for businesses can make the best out of a VoIP hosted phone system. The main benefits of using VoIP are that it is cost effective, uses advanced technology, allows remote system access and there is lesser number of call drops.

Significance Of Phone Systems In The Modern Business World

Phone system

Office phone systems

It is quite impossible to think of our modern world without continuous technological advancements. We get to see many new gadgets and electronic equipments being introduced to the market on a random basis. It is the same case with phone systems too. A state-of-the-art phone system is an essential criterion in every thriving business organization. Office phone systems enable business people to carry out their routine office functions in a very effective and trouble free manner. Business establishments that have effective phone systems will always stay a step ahead of their rivals. The below mentioned facets will tell you more regarding the subject.

Benefits of using phone systems

Over the past couple of years, we can see a significant change in the field of phone systems and telecommunications. The VOIP technology (voice over internet protocol) became very popular among users. One of the most important benefits of using a VOIP phone system is that long distance calls became very cheaper. Previously, that was not the case. People had to spend a lot of money to make international calls. Just imagine the amount of money spent by companies to make international business calls. The annual telephone bills proved to be major shockers for them.

Technological advancements in the phone systems provide a lot of flexibility to the employees of a company. They can effectively make use of the advanced features and coordinate perfectly within the numerous departments working in the same organization. The same flexibility and mobility in telecommunication can be enjoyed while communicating with the clients. Effective communication proves to be the backbone of every thriving company. This is possible when you have a state-of-the-art phone system implemented in place.

Corporate phone calls should always maintain a high-level of confidentiality; this is essential for smooth business operations. Faulty phone systems can adversely affect the confidential nature of business communications. Imagine the situation where top-level management calls get accidently routed to the client’s or other dealer’s number within your company’s phone network. That can be detrimental for your business dealings and things can literally go haywire.

VOIP technology

Phone systems and telecommunications

Therefore, it is highly recommended to implement phone systems that come with latest technological features. Make sure that you are getting the phone installation done with the help of a professional phone installation company. They will see to it that all the procedures are done with utmost care. In addition to that, they will be able to rectify all technical errors and ensure an error free operation.

Why Install A PBX Phone System In Your Firm?

Business Phone System

About Business Phone Systems

Instead of having a bunch of telephone lines to your office, you need to put in place a well designed business phone system. Such a phone system would make both internal and external communication in the firm very efficient. There are many types of phone systems to choose from. You need to take into consideration the requirements of your firm and choose one that is efficient and cost-effective.

About the PBX business phone system

One of the commonly used phone systems in many organisations is the PBX or the Private Branch Exchange system. This system can be used to provide effective interlinking between the multiple telephone lines in your firm. The private branch exchange involves the central phone station with the multiple telephone extensions attached to it.

The central phone station would be connected to the main telephone line or lines. This would be the Public Switched Telephone network (PSTN) line, which would be then shared with all the extensions connected to the central station. The PBX system effectively uses interlinks between these telephone extensions without using the central phone line.

In other words, the internal communication using the PBX system results in significant cost savings, as it uses the local PBX network for this. Also, the PBX system gives the flexibility of adding more functions to the traditional phone line.

About the advanced PBX features

These days, it is possible to customize the PBX phone system to meet some of the specific needs of your firm. You can easily add features like call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, caller ID, auto attendant, etc. These options might not be there in your main phone line, but can be very easily incorporated in to your firm’s PBX system.

Call Forwarding

Benefits Of PBX Business Phone System

The auto attendant feature is very useful in a busy office, where there is no receptionist or an operator attending the calls. The auto attendant software contains the interactive voice response (IVR) system, which guides the caller through the different phone extensions available. For example, he would be asked to press 0 to connect to the marketing department, 1 to connect to the customer service department and so on.

The voicemail function would make sure the unanswered phone calls are taken care of. The caller would be asked to record his voice message if the call was not answered after a certain number of rings. This would make sure that you would not miss any important phone calls. These are some of the benefits of using the PBX phone system.

Phone Systems – A Must Factor For Business Organizations

Business Phone Systems

Effective Phone Systems

Multiple factors are responsible for the success of a business. The quality of the product and services, the efficiency of the employees and the management and the means of communication being incorporated in the offices are some of the factors. Phone systems play an integral part in communications of a business, be they internal or external. There are varied opinions about the means of communication to be taken up in a business organization. There is a common tendency among small scale businesses to adopt cheap phone systems to cut off the expenditure. But reports show that companies that adopt cheaper phone systems end up spending more on the maintenance charges in the long run. I think it is the right time now to spend some time discussing about what type of phone systems companies should adopt to ensure effective communication within their offices.

Voice over IP business phone systems

When it comes to small businesses, Voice over IP business telephone systems are more effective, useful and cost effective than other available options. The reason is simple. They can be extremely reliable for communicating and there are no complicated processes involved in their installation. Over the last few years, there have been remarkable improvements in the hardware components used in Voice over IP business telephone systems. These improvements have undoubtedly managed to contribute more efficiency to the communications carried out via such phone systems.

Maintenance Charges

Modern Phone Systems

It is not just the efficiency of the communication that should make you go for a modern business telephone system. These days, most clients will not only assess the quality of services they could avail from your company but also the level of comfort they can experience when they communicate with you. And modern business telephone systems just ensure that. Besides that, modern Voice over IP based telephone systems give your office a professional look giving the clients and customers the idea that you have the potentials to be their reliable partner.

Types of telephone systems

Unsurprisingly, there are multiple companies that offer effective telephone systems designed specifically for small scale businesses as well as large scale businesses. ShorTel, 3com, Nortel, PBX and Key Systems are among the top choices for many. Before you pick one from this list, it is advisable to shortlist your priorities.

Effective business phone systems are a must factor for the smooth running of every business. Give it a serious a thought.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of VoIP Business Phone Systems

VoIP Phone

About The VoIP Phone System

These days most of the organisations are switching to either a VoIP phone system or a hybrid system. The traditional PSTN system is still being used, albeit less frequently than before. The use of Voice over Internet Protocol telephony brings lot of benefits to the organisation, compared to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network system. However, it also has some disadvantages. The benefits of switching to VoIP business phone systems The main reason why many of the business houses are switching from PSTN to VoIP, is the cost. The call rates in VoIP telephone system are much cheaper when compared to the PSTN system. This is because of the use of the internet in VoIP. Unlike in the past, internet usage rates have really come down. This has made VoIP more popular than ever before. Switching to VoIP technology would bring down the telephone bills for the organisation, significantly saving millions in the long run. Yet another benefit of the VoIP phone system is its flexibility. Since it uses the Internet Protocol, you can use the VoIP phones by installing a software in your computer. All you need would be a headphone and a microphone – no need for any extra phone equipments or cables. You can also use the VoIP phone, which would have the software pre-installed without having to switch on the computer. The fact that you are using software for online communication makes it possible to add many more options and functions in the form of software updates and plug-ins. Some of the disadvantages of the VoIP telephone system Though cheaper than the traditional PSTN system, VoIP telephony is not as reliable as PSTN. The PSTN network is known for its 24/7 availability and the network would be down only in the event of a natural calamity or an accident. In short, network outages are indeed rare in PSTN.

System Configuration

Switch To VoIP Telephony

The same cannot be said about VoIP. For the VoIP telephone to work properly, there should be an active internet connection all the time and it would also require 24/7 power supply for the devices to work. Also, the quality of the VoIP telephone call might be effected by the increasing demand on the internet traffic as well as the poor system configuration of the computer, in which you are using the VoIP application. This is why the hybrid phone system, which combines both VoIP and PSTN, would be the best option for your organisation.

About The NEC SV8100 Phone System

NEC phone systems

phone systems

NEC is an IT and network solutions provider that is based in Japan that has been providing telecommunication services to the customers over many decades. The company has dedicated phone systems for business enterprises, communication service providers and government agencies. Here we discuss about one of the NEC phone systems, the NEC SV8100; the phone system can be easily used for managing up to 500 connections. One of the important characteristics of the phone system is that you can expand the system according to the needs; it can act as a technically superb phone system or an advanced communications platform.

The business performance of the system can be greatly increased if you make the workforce more reachable. Since the phone system is a part of the INIVERGE 360 portfolio, it provides 360-degee communication possible with fixed, mobile and converged communication devices such as emails, instant messaging and push mail features. In short, one can say that the NEC phone systems will make the unified communication ideology a reality. Now we go on to discuss some of the key features associated with the phone system SV8100.

  • The best property of the SV8100 phone system is that it has a unique handset design that can be interchanged if needed. It also provides Net link survivability between different branches of the organization.
  • Since the handset works making use of the Bluetooth technology, it is wireless and can be taken few meters away from the base device. This makes it possible for you to have private conversations without getting disturbed.
  • The phone system follows a modular architecture for better economic scalability.
  • The phone system also has support for VoIP and another traditional voice support apart from state of the art new technologies.
  • One of the important features of the NEC phone systems is that it will be able to add mobile extensions to the system easily and it is aggressively priced for meeting the competition in the market.

    new phone system

    NEC SV8100 phones

If you are having a small-scale business and need a phone system to manage you business, then going for the NEC SVC8100 is the best option that you have got as it is cheaper when compared to other phone systems in the market as it can be easily scaled to up to 500 users when the business prospers. There is no need to buy a new phone system if you have the SVC8100 when your business flourishes.

About The Benefits Of Using Cisco Business Phone Systems

Cisco phone system

Phone Systems of Cisco

Cisco business phone system are the most popular telephone system used in many businesses all over the world. Cisco has included many features and functions in it, which will be very useful to the businesses to run business operations effectively and efficiently. It provides quality features at an affordable price and this is the reason why Cisco’s Unified Communication System is so popular among the businesses. These days, in PBX systems, business people are looking for IP telephony with SIP trunking. This is because of the fact that it provides a phone system for a very low price.

Businesses want advanced phone systems included with features like

  • Higher reachability with single number reach
  • Easier phone moves, adds and changes can be done rapidly
  • Dialing with 4 digit to phones lying in any of the buildings
  • Capability of full office voice system
  • Higher capability for conducting conference calls
  • Capability for complete call reporting
  • Performing video calls
  • Option for chat using the phone system
  • Ability to control calls using a desktop computer

For many years now, the Cisco phone system has featured IP Consulting and is well known for providing reliable and effective phone systems for businesses at a very reasonable price. Since these phone systems allow for the most effective use of SIP trunking for cost savings, this Cisco phone-system is ideal for a business having a range of 20-500 users with multiple sites. In addition to this, these phone systems provide excellent benefits for the business or organization of any size and in most of the public and private sector workplaces, IP Consulting provides experience in many phone deployments.

The choice for the sales, design, support, and deployment for your organization having Cisco phone system must be IP Consulting and the below given are some few features of this system.

  • Basic Cisco VoIP telephone
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco Presence Server and WebEx Connect
  • Cisco Contact Center also known as IPCC and UCCX
  • Cisco VoIP telephones

    SIP trunking

    SIP trunking in Cisco phone systems

  • Cisco VoIP gateways
  • Cisco Call Recording
  • Cisco Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Cisco Conferencing/WebEx

Many customers who are using the Cisco phone-system are using IP Consulting and these customers include states, municipalities, law firms, financial organizations, manufacturers and nationwide businesses. Moreover, some of these firms are having more than 15000 customers using the system.

Things To Note While Purchasing An Office Phone System

Office Phone Systems

Use Office Phone Systems

A phone system plays a vital role in a business enterprise, no matter whether it is small or big. A phone system helps in overall communication in a business firm and the one that you opt for, should comply with all your requirements. While purchasing a phone system, it is essential to go through different factors so that you do not miss any essential ones that your business firm requires to render communication effectively.

There are several vendors that offer office phone systems and if your business has a wide range of requirements, it is essential to find out a reputable one so that you could get what you desire. However, this does not mean that all vendors offer all the features that you are looking for. Do not end up purchasing one simply because it is a reputable one among office phone systems.

Before choosing a company that offer phone systems, it is essential to contact a few phone system dealers and compare their prices, services, products and others features. This will help you to decide the best among the genre. There would be several features that vary according to the changes in phone systems. You need to choose the one that has more preferable features, which include the latest technologies.

Budget should be given ample preference, as it is something that is quite important to acquire an effective office phone system. However, this does not mean that you should compromise over the features that are essential for your firm. Certain vital features would be priced high and if it could help your business firm immensely, you could definitely adjust your budget so that you could purchase the same. This initiative could only help your business in the long run.

Ample Preference

Choose Office Phone Systems

The advanced technology that is implemented in current phone systems enables you to reduce time and energy to a great extent. The new phone systems are embedded with voice mail facilities, other facilities that link departments within the firm, VoIP technology and other features that enable communication within and outside the firm effectively.

Whatever be the phone system that you choose, it should be capable enough to meet all the requirements pertaining to your business enterprise. The communication within and outside the firm should be handled perfectly by the phone system that you choose.

Hope you have adequate ideas with which you could choose the most appropriate office phone system for your business concern.

How To Keep The Cost Low With Alcatel Phone Systems

Phone Systems For Small Business

Phone Systems For Small Business

Alcatel phone systems are considered the best communication package for small businesses. This trusty cell phone has gone very long way and they are now offering a range of facilities that the small businesses can make use of effectively and economically, staying wireless yet providing the performance and efficiency of the line connected phones. When the mobile technology is utilized to its maximum proficiency, the small businesses can get access to answering systems, conference calling, message playbacks, and even visual presentations with the projector technology.

The main advantages of using Alcatel phone systems are that the company remains completely mobile, helps you to have enormous savings on the line-connected systems, and provides a range of desktop facilities without compromising on efficiency of the system. Depending on the number of lines that a small business might need, the mobile phone communication package can prove to be very effective and will provide enormous savings when compared to the conventional communication methods. The costs can be spread over a number of payment options like leasing only or core purchase that provides the option to lease a number of extra lines.

Representative Trading

Small Business Phone Systems

Your office phone is a very good link to your client base and the means by which your clients contact your business firm. It is also the first line of impression that you give our clients. A rapid connection and the proper messaging content are very important to promote your company profile and to retain the confidence of your clients. In all these ways, Alcatel has provided the best phone systems for small business firms.

For those companies, which are at the forefront of representative trading, a mobile system can prove to be a very valuable tool that provides seamless transition from office to road to the client. There is lot to be said on carrying your office around with you and your client benefits a lot from this unlimited access. The greatest advantage of using a mobile phone service is that the costs can be very low when compared to installing complicated multi line systems that might not give your business the choice of applications that are offered through the wireless technology. The installation cost of the mobile systems are considerably low than the conventional switching systems.

If you wish to know more on phone systems for small business firms, you can contact our tech support team.